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Pure Power Alternators
Pure Power Alternators
Pure Power Alternators


Our Brands

PurePower Products & ProAmp brands represent 44 years of excellence in the automotive aftermarket. Our commitment to quality has made us a Leader as a premier builder of High Output alternators and starters for Domestic, Import and Heavy Duty applications. Our combined expertise reflects decades of experience, while continuing to offer the latest products on the market.


Quality control is our #1 Job.

All of our PurePower/ProAmp alternators and starters and are built using only high quality component parts. This assures the performance you are paying for.
Our Quality Control Guaranty program requires 100% testing of all finished products. Every alternator and starter we build has a clean new look and most important, our products provide maximum performance for the toughest critics in the business, our customers!


Not only do we take great pride in how we build our products, we are always looking to improve and re-engineer our parts to increase the product quality. With the philosophy to build the best quality products we feel confident our customers are buying the best value for their money!


In addition to our comprehensive application catalogue, we encourage our customers to call our distributors in your area any time they can be assistance to a sale or a technical question. Service representatives are always ready to provide personalized attention.

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